Webinar Recording: “Python Data Science with pandas” with Matt Harrison

We’ve done a lot of webinars, but embarrassingly, never one on Python data science. Until Tuesday, when author and speaker Matt Harrison joined us for what turned out to be the highest-registration webinar PyCharm has had. The recording for Matt’s "Python Data Science with pandas" is now available.

Matt provided an introduction to data science and pandas for Python developers new to the topic. He started in Jupyter then moved to PyCharm, taking a ton of questions along the way.

  • 03:34 Introduction to Jupyter
  • 06:43 pandas and matplotlib
  • 08:20 Read/view bitcoin csv data
  • 12:24 Setting index
  • 15:00 Aggregation
  • 17:10 Slicing
  • 18:40 Computed columns with assign
  • 21:30 Questions
  • 33:10 Random forest
  • 40:00 ROC Curve
  • 42:55 PyCharm
  • 49:20 Questions

We clearly need to invite Matt back for deeper dives on the topics.

Matt will put some material in a repo in his GitHub account. Feel free to ask any questions below and we’ll answer or ask Matt to leave a comment.

-PyCharm Team-
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