Webinar: “Python Data Science with pandas” with Matt Harrison

Data science is the fastest-growing segment of the Python community and Python is the
de-facto language in data science. Well-known speaker and author Matt Harrison joins us to discuss pandas, the hot-topic Python library for data science, and how to use it in a sample application.

  • Tuesday, March 20
  • 5:00PM-6:00PM CET (12PM Eastern Daylight, 9AM Pacific Daylight)
  • Register here


Matt will provide a walkthrough through some of the features of pandas: data ingestion, cleaning, and adding columns. As a demo application to show Python and data science, Matt will analyze bitcoin price data, making a simple model to show whether the price of bitcoin would rise or fall.

Speaking to You

Matt (MetaSnake, @__mharrison__) has been using Python since 2000 in the areas of search, configuration management, storage, retail, and travel. He provides Python and Data Science training to corporations big and small. In addition, he has been teaching Python at PyCon, OSCON, Strata, and other venues.

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