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PyCharm 2018.1.1 RC

After our release last week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made some small improvements. We’re happy to announce that the release candidate of PyCharm 2018.1.1 is available for download on our Confluence page.

What’s new

Improved @dataclass support

Data classes are a Python 3.7 feature that many developers are looking forward to. As Python 3.7 isn’t final yet, some details were changed recently. After an update to the PEP, we’ve made improvements to our support:

  • The `hash` parameter was changed to `unsafe_hash`. This parameter forces @dataclass to generate the `__hash__` dunder method, even if the `frozen` parameter is set to False. In this case, the hash of your class can change if you make any changes to your class’s fields. A changing hash will break data structures that depend on it, like Dict. The Python core developers wanted to highlight that this should be done very carefully.
  • We now warn you if you use a parameter to generate a method which you’ve already defined.

Further Improvements

  • Matplotlib plots are now correctly shown for scripts executed with “Run in Python Console”.
  • Django or Flask is now installed if you create a new project of those types on a remote machine
  • And more: read the release notes for details


Download PyCharm now. The release candidate is not an EAP version. Therefore, if you’d like to try out the Professional Edition, you will either need to have an active license, or you’ll receive a 30-day trial period. The Community Edition is free and open source software and can be used without restrictions (apart from the Apache License’s terms).

If you have any comments on our RC version (or any other version of PyCharm), please reach out to us! We’re @pycharm on Twitter, and you can of course always create a ticket on YouTrack, our issue tracker.

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