PyCharm Hotfix for Pip 10.0 and IPython 6.3.0 compatibility

Pip 10.0 is close to being released, and changes parts of its API. Several older versions of PyCharm are incompatible with the newer version. If you’d like to use PyCharm with the new version of pip, please update PyCharm.

In addition, IPython 6.3.0 causes a ValueError if run after a script by using the “Show command line afterwards” option. This bug has also been resolved.

The new versions of PyCharm are:

  • 2016.3.5
  • 2017.1.7
  • 2017.2.6
  • 2017.3.5

If you’re using a version with a minor update (last number) lower than those mentioned, please update PyCharm. If you wish to update to the latest version (2018.1.1 at the time of writing), get it here. If you wish to get one of the hotfixed older versions, you can find the appropriate release on our previous versions page.

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