Webinar Recording: “Live Development of a PyCharm Plugin” with Joachim Ansorg

This week we hosted a webinar with Joachim Ansorg presenting Live Development of a PyCharm Plugin. The webinar recording is now available, as well as a repo with the contents he showed in the webinar.


This webinar covered a tremendous amount of ground in just over an hour:

  • Background and architecture of IntelliJ plugins
  • Development using tests
  • Implementing interesting extension points
  • Viewing the plugin in the IDE (PyCharm)

The chosen topic was interesting in its own right: a plugin to let you suppress flake8 warnings using the standard # noqa comment syntax.

Thanks go to Joachim for spending his time with us and showing how even a small IDE plugin can easily justify the investment by saving developer time. He writes IntelliJ plugins professionally, and based on the feedback from companies we’ve referred to him, he does so quite well.

-PyCharm Team-
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