Webinar Recording: “Demystifying Python’s async and await Keywords” with Michael Kennedy

Yesterday we hosted a webinar with Michael Kennedy from Talk Python To Me podcasts and training presenting Demystifying Python’s async and await Keywords. Turned out to be the highest-rated webinar in 7 years of JetBrains’ webinars. Thanks Michael! The webinar recording is now available, as well as a repository with the Python code he showed and the slides he used.

During the webinar, Michael laid the basis for async programming in Python, detailing CPU parallelism versus I/O parallelism. He showed the impacts of each on rendering time and how different forms of parallelism affect rendering times.

In the code, he started with a basic, naive function that ran horribly slow, then gradually sped it up with different Python techniques (generators, async/await, etc.) He also covered companion libraries that have emerged in the Python ecosystem.

For those who want a deep-dive on this topic, Michael has a 4 hour course Async Techniques and Examples in Python. He also has a thorough Mastering PyCharm.

Thanks so much to Michael for this well-prepared, well-presented webinar and staying late to handle the record-number of questions.

-PyCharm Team-
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