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PyCharm at PyCon 2019: The Big Tent

Last week we announced our “big tent” at PyCon 2019 with the blog post PyCharm Hosts Python Content Creators at Expanded PyCon Booth. Next week we’ll announce more on each individual piece.

Today, let’s do an overview of the kinds of activities in “the big tent.”


Miguel Grinberg, one of the boothmates, is doing his First Steps in Web Development With Python tutorial Thursday morning, 9AM to 12:20. He’s fantastic at this and a real icon of PyCon tutorials over the years.

Thursday afternoon at 3:30 I’m doing 42 PyCharm Tips and Tricks in Room 13. It’s a hands-on workshop with a secret twist which I’ll reveal at the event (and after.) We’ll have some of the PyCharm team with me to help folks in the audience with questions.


PyCon’s opening reception starts at 5:30PM on the show floor. It’s got food, it’s got drinks, it’s got…our packed booth with lots of stuff going on. Come meet ten of us from the PyCharm team, along with the Content Creators: Michael Kennedy, Brian Okken, Dan Bader, Miguel Grinberg, Matt Harrison, Anthony Shaw, Luciano Ramalho, Bob Belderbos, Julian Sequeira, and Chris Medina. Perhaps even a FLUFL sighting.

Some activities in the mini-theater:

  • 6PM Michael and Matt have a special announcement, née an unveiling
  • 6:30 Brian does some recordings for a special Test&Code podcast episode
  • Our videography team will be roaming around cranking out footage

PyCharm Stand

Come meet the PyCharm team! We’ll have ten of us, most from the core team. We go to events not to do sales but to listen. (Some might say, face the consequences of our decisions.) Want to talk to the main developer of our debugger? She’s there. Ditto for the new Jupyter support, vim emulation, etc.

Or if you just want to say hi, then please come by, take a picture and tweet it, and get a retweet from us.

Content Creators Stands

Podcasts, articles, video courses and training, books…as the previous article mentioned, we have a home for many of the key Python “content creators” to share a presence, use the mini-theater and one-on-one space, and just hang out and have fun.

There are two stands for them to share in timeslots throughout the conference. We’ll make the schedule available closer to PyCon. But they’ll all be around for the reception.


This is the second big addition this year: booth space for small talks, both scheduled and impromptu, by the PyCharm team, the Content Creators, and even by some others. We’ll announce this in detail later.

Not just talks…we’ll announce some special events as well.


“Can you take a look at my project?” We get this a lot at conferences, as well as “I’m really interested in the new Jupyter support”, or “I heard your pytest support is really neat, can you show me?”

The PyCharm booth will have a dedicated area along with the conference miracle of seating, where we can work one-on-one. Bring your laptop “into the shop” for diagnosis. Show us some big idea you’ve been working on. Get a tour of some PyCharm feature that interests you, from the person that implemented it.

This also applies to the Content Creators as well. Saw an article or listened to a podcast and want more? Pick a time to meet up with them in the one-on-one area. Did I mention seating?


We have a crew hanging around different times at the booth, doing interviews and producing clips. If you’re around and want to give a shoutout to PyCon for the hard (volunteer!) work putting on a great show, let’s get you on camera.

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