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PyCharm Hosts Python Content Creators at Expanded PyCon Booth

Want to meet key podcasters, authors, and teachers at PyCon? This year PyCharm has an expanded booth with space shared by many of the key “Python Content Creators.” Come say hi, watch short talks by them, us, and others in our mini-theater, or schedule one-on-one slots in our seating area.

We have lots more to announce on this in the coming weeks, but let’s lead with a quick overview.

Python Content Creators

We’re happy to be hosting our friends from PyCons past, giving these “Python Content Creators” booth space to talk with their folks:

  • Michael Kennedy, Talk Python To Me
  • Brian Okken, Test & Code
  • Dan Bader, Real Python
  • Matt Harrison, MetaSnake
  • Bob Belderbos and Julian Sequeira, PyBites
  • Cris Medina, tryexceptpass
  • Miguel Grinberg

How will it work? We will have two stands, with their logos and information on the backstop. They’ll take 2 hours slots rotating through their “booth.” Look for announcements from them about the slots and other activities.

Other Activities, Tell Me More

Our booth has 4 equal parts: an area for PyCharm, an area for the Python Content Creators, a one-on-one place with chairs, and a mini-theater.

The one-on-one place lets the PyCharm development team (yes, the actual people that make PyCharm) or the Python Content Creators pre-arrange or spontaneously do individual discussions. If you want to get your PyCharm configured for your project with a PyCharm developer, this is your chance. Of course you can also debug something, do a deep dive on a topic, solve some problem, get feedback, whatever. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s nice at conferences to sit down and chat.

The mini-theater is the focus. We’ll have a schedule of talks by the PyCharm team, by the Python Content Creators, even by others…for example, Barry Warsaw and I will do a short version of the Python 1994 talk. We jokingly refer to this as the “PyCon Rejects Space.”

“Python Content Creators”…Neat Idea, Where Did It Come From?

Last year we participated in a Humble Bundle with several popular creators of Python training, courses, etc. We did an open space with the “Humble Bundlers” and were surprised by the response. People wanted to talk with us, collectively, as much as individually. And we wanted to talk with each other.

After the session we joked: “PyCharm should get a big ol’ booth next year and host the Humble Bundlers.” And here we are…joke-driven development.

We have much more to announce, so stay tuned to our PyCharm blog, Twitter, and most importantly each of the Python Content Creators. This is going to be fun.

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