Collaboration with Anaconda, Inc.

Just now at AnacondaCON, JetBrains CEO Max Shafirov, and Anaconda’s CEO Scott Collison announced the start of our collaboration.

JB - Anaconda

The PyCharm team has been working hard in the last months to improve the data science experience in PyCharm. To serve the data science market even better, we’re happy to announce that we’re now joining forces with the leader in the data science space: Anaconda.

As a first step, we’re releasing PyCharm 2019.1.1 today, with some small improvements for using Conda environments in PyCharm: we’ve fixed various bugs related to creating Conda envs and installing packages into them.

We’d also like to announce the availability of PyCharm for Anaconda: a new version of PyCharm with enhanced Anaconda support.

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8 Responses to Collaboration with Anaconda, Inc.

  1. Leo says:

    What are the differences between PyCharm 2019.11 and PyCharm for Anaconda?

  2. Ahmed says:

    Please make the UI and user experience like RStudio.

  3. Charles Dibsdale says:

    I am confused, I follow up to your website and all roads lead to PyCharm vinilla. I cant find a Anaconda flavour of PyCharm.. what is going on?

  4. Vladimir Apukov says:

    absolutely not clear – what the difference? and why it starts already installed PyCharm?

  5. Andreas says:

    Downloaded it, and it installs like any other PyCharm editor. Sure, some Anaconda plugin is activated but what does it do? Some documentation would have been a plus. Also, the plugin link to plugins.jetbrain does not work :(

  6. starter says:

    5 months without answer? really guys?

  7. Andrey says:

    Here’s the quote from discussion linked above:

    No, “PyCharm for Anaconda” is simply a bundle of our normal PyCharm with the Anaconda plug-in pre-installed. As an important note, additionally, it makes Conda the default package manager. This will allow Anaconda users to get up and running and productive as quickly as possible when they get directed to JetBrains.

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