Webinar Recording: “Effective Data Science with PyCharm” with Dan Tofan

Yesterday we hosted a webinar with Dan Tofan, author of the recent Pluralsight course Boost Data Science Productivity with PyCharm. Dan gave a tour of how data scientists can put a professional IDE like PyCharm Professional to work, emphasizing our Scientific Mode, newly-reimplemented Jupyter Notebook support, and the Databases tool from DataGrip. The recording is now available.

Dan started with slides setting the scene, then went into Scientific Mode, showing how it can be an alternative to the notebook experience. He then covered Jupyter Notebooks, finishing with the Database tool. His code is available in a GitHub repo.

This webinar generated high attendance and likely set the record for number of questions asked. We weren’t able to respond to all the questions during the webinar but we’ll be following up by email.

Thanks to everyone that attended and thanks to Dan for taking the time to present this to us.

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