Webinar Recording: “42 PyCharm Tips and Tricks” with Paul Everitt

The long-promised, long-undelivered PyCharm version of “42 Tips and Tricks”…is now delivered. Yesterday I gave a webinar for “42 PyCharm Tips and Tricks” and the recording is now available:


Lasting a little over an hour, I went through each of the tips using material from a repository of samples. Each tip also has a full page devoted to it in the PyCharm Guide, organized into a playlist of the 42 tips. There, for each tip, you can find a long narrated video, short tweet-style video, an in-depth writeup, and links to related material.

Got a favorite tip I should have covered? Add a comment below and I’ll look at adding it to the PyCharm Guide’s tip sections.

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3 Responses to Webinar Recording: “42 PyCharm Tips and Tricks” with Paul Everitt

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    Marcus says:

    May 31, 2019

    Thanks for the many useful tips, and the nice package they were served in.

    One question: you advocate using Find Action to avoid having
    having to commit numerous shortcuts to memory, which seems
    like the right thing to do.

    But then you also advocate using the transient
    navbar (Alt+Home), where much of the functionality depends
    on using shortcuts (in your examples for instance Ctrl+T, Ctrl+N, Shift+Ctrl+F)
    which you weren’t supposed to have to remember.

    So is there a way to use Find Action on navbar items? I remapped the context-sensitive right-click menu to Ctrl+M, which works somewhat, but I find the workflow could be smoother.

    (As an aside, speed typing is great, and having that in right-click menus would be greater still.)

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      Paul Everitt says:

      May 31, 2019

      The navigation bar is for actions that require a place in the directory structure in order to operation. When I add a file, I need a place to add it. When I do Find in Path, I need a path to start at. Etc.

      It appears the navbar can still be used with Find Action. Use the navbar to go to the target path, then Find Action, then choose e.g. Find in Path. It will fill in selection in the navigation bar. Same for Find Action -> Rename, etc.

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    Marcus says:

    June 4, 2019

    It was probably confusing to focus so much on Find Action in the initial comment,
    sorry about that. I just wanted to point out that the benefit of no longer
    having to remember cryptical keyboard shortcuts in one (best-practice) usage
    of the GUI is largely nullified, if you still have to remember them in another
    (also best-practice).

    Actually, it is not so much Find Action itself on navbar items
    I was wondering about for. Rather it is something analogous to Find Action,
    that lists the meaningful actions on a certain entry in the navbar,
    just like the context menu, but then lets you filter these actions
    by speed typing.

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