PyCharm 2019.2.1

PyCharm 2019.2.1 is available now!

New in this Version

  • PyCharm now recognizes ctypes Arrays so now you won’t get wrong inspection messages when defining or using such arrays.
  • We had a bug that made Tensorflow’s references to be unresolved and that was also fixed.
  • The PyCharm debugger got some fixes:
    • The issue causing the debugger to hang when a syntax error was encountered was resolved.
    • When classes were given certain names, the debugger would be unable to inspect their variables, this is no longer a problem.
    • Exceptions thrown when debugging a project with multiprocessing modules will not stop the debugger anymore.
    • An issue that caused debugger functions like “Step into” to not work properly in our latest release was solved.
    • We had a bug that caused the debugger not to run normally when using Matplotlib and it was solved.
  • An error displayed when trying to run Jupyter Notebook’ cells using managed and configured Jupyter servers that was not allowing Jupyter cells to run is now resolved.
  • We improved Jupyter’s server response error messages to be more user friendly.
  • A bug we had for imported names that was causing them to be imported again after inlining a function was fixed.
  • AltGr keymaps for certain characters that were not working are now fixed.

Further Improvements

  • New SQL completion suggestions of join conditions based on column or table name match and auto-inject SQL by literals.
  • Some JavaScript and Vue.js inspection issues were resolved.
  • And more, check out our release notes for more details.

Getting the New Version

You can update PyCharm by choosing Help | Check for Updates (or PyCharm | Check for Updates on macOS) in the IDE. PyCharm will be able to patch itself to the new version, there should no longer be a need to run the full installer.

If you’re on Ubuntu 16.04 or later, or any other Linux distribution that supports snap, you should not need to upgrade manually, you’ll automatically receive the new version.

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