PyCharm 2019.2.2 Preview

PyCharm 2019.2.2 Preview is now available!

Fixed in this Version

  • Some code insight fixes were implemented for Python 3.8:
    • Now the “continue” and “finally” clauses are allowed to be used.
    • Support for unicode characters in the re module was added.
  • An error on the Python Console that was not showing documentation for functions was resolved.
  • Some issues were solved for IPython that were causing the debugger not to work properly.
  • We had some regression issues with the debugger causing breakpoints to be ignored and/or throw exceptions and the data viewer not to show the proper information and those were solved.
  • A problem that caused PyCharm to stall when a Docker server was configured as remote python interpreter was fixed.
  • Jupyter Notebooks got some fixes: kernel specification selection is now based on the Python version for the module where a new notebook is created and in case the kernel specification is missing from the metadata a proper error message will be shown.
  • An issue that caused one remote interpreter not be used from two different machines was solved as well.
  • And many more fixes, see the release notes for more information.

Getting the New Version

Download the Preview from Confluence.

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