Webinar Preview: “Starting Testing” tutorial step for React+TS+TDD

As a reminder… next Wednesday (Oct 16) I’m giving a webinar on React+TypeScript+TDD in PyCharm. I’m doing some blog posts about material that will be covered.


See the first blog post for some background on this webinar and its topic.

Spotlight: Starting Testing

The first tutorial steps got us setup in the IDE, with a sample project generated and cleaned up. Now it’s time to learn React and TypeScript by…writing tests?

Indeed! This tutorial is trying to sell you on the idea that you’ll be more productive and happier writing and using your components from inside the IDE, instead of constantly heading over to the browser. For most of the steps in the tutorial, you do all of the learning, typing, and running from within a test, staying in the IDE and in the "flow".

That’s the point of this tutorial step covering testing. Get you into a Jest run configuration, code on the left, tests on right, test runner at the bottom. We write some tests, "fail faster", and get introduced to Jest and Enzyme.

Here’s the narrated video to go along with this tutorial step:

If you’re interested in more, here’s the entire tutorial. Hope to see you next week.

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