Webinar Recording: “React+TypeScript+TDD in PyCharm”

Yesterday we had our webinar on React, TypeScript, and Test-Driven Development (TDD.) And…we had a special guest! Ekaterina Prigara, PMM for WebStorm, co-hosted and fielded most of the questions. Which was lucky for us: she really-really-really knows not just our IDE’s web development story, but all of these crazy technologies in the world of JavaScript.

The recording is now available. As a programming note, I’m giving this webinar next week for IntelliJ IDEA and in November for Rider. But I also plan to do a second part for PyCharm next month, as we only covered half of the tutorial material.

What We Covered

This session was particularly enjoyable with its focus on staying in “the flow”, using both TDD and type information to “fail faster”, and letting the IDE do your janitorial work for you.

  • 5m10s: Project Setup
  • 11m56s: Project Cleanup
  • 24m16s: Testing
  • 35m24s: Debugging During Testing
  • 53m26s: Debugging with Chrome
  • 55m23s: TSX and ES6

Feedback Solicited!

This is a departure from our normal format: all material published in advance (including narrated videos), repeating the same webinar topic across multiple topics, and splitting into two parts. It’s also less a survey-oriented webinar and more of a deep-dive tutorial-is webinar, from both the aspect of focusing on technologies and driving the IDE for those technologies.

Let us know what you think! Would you like more of these? Shorter and in more parts?

I say this because I’m wrapping up a similar multi-part “Visual Testing with pytest” tutorial and I’d like some kind of multi-webinar approach, if it’s considered valuable.

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