Webinar Recording: “Visual SQL Development with PyCharm” with Maxim Sobolevskiy

This week we had a webinar with Maxim Sobolevskiy, the DataGrip Product Marketing Manager, showing the wonderful, magical Database tool in PyCharm. The webinar recording is now available.

In this webinar Max covered many of the amazing features of DataGrip: connections and connection settings, queries with autocomplete and refactoring, working with results, browsing/querying/editing data, export/import, and more. Paul then showed a simple Flask application and how the Database tool is injected into Python code.

If you work at all with SQL in Python projects, take some time to watch the webinar. It’s powerful stuff and will deeply improve your velocity.

The webinar has a sample repository with a Docker Compose setup for the sample PostgreSQL server, along with instructions to recreate the Flask project.

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