PyCharm 2019.3 is out now

Interactive widgets for Jupyter notebooks, MongoDB support, and code assistance for all Python 3.8 features. Download the new version now, or upgrade from within you IDE.

New in PyCharm

  • Interactive Widgets for Jupyter Notebooks. A picture is worth a thousand words, but making it interactive really makes your data come to life. Interactive widgets are now supported in PyCharm.
  • MongoDB Support. One of the most commonly used NoSQL databases is now supported by the database tools included in PyCharm Professional Edition.
  • We’ve completed support for all Python 3.8 features: you can now expect PyCharm-grade code completion when you use TypedDicts. We’ve also added support for Literal type annotations, and more.
  • Why is it that when you get a CSV file, it always has a very long name which is very prone to typos? We’ve now added a small convenience feature that’ll save you: completion for filenames in methods like open and Panda’s read_csv.

And many more improvements, like faster indexing of interpreters, read about them all on our What’s New page.


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