PyCharm 2019.3.2

We’ve been taking some time to polish PyCharm further, so be sure to update to the newest version! You can get it from within PyCharm (Help | Check for Updates), using JetBrains Toolbox, or by downloading the new version from our website.

Improved in PyCharm

  • An issue where PyCharm’s debugger would ignore breakpoints in certain conditions has been resolved
  • Running code on remote interpreters on FreeBSD with elevated privileges now works as expected
  • There are many small differences between SQL dialects, and we’re always working hard to make sure that our database tooling gets them all right. Fixed in this version are: \gset for PostgreSQL, MEMBER OF for MySQL, and more. Open the Database tool window in PyCharm Professional Edition, and let us know if everything works right for you database!
  • The Node.JS debugger will now correctly stop at breakpoints after editing the JavaScript code while running [Pro only]

And many more small fixes, see our release notes for details.

Getting the New Version

You can update PyCharm by choosing Help | Check for Updates (or PyCharm | Check for Updates on macOS) in the IDE. PyCharm will be able to patch itself to the new version, there should no longer be a need to run the full installer.

If you’re on Ubuntu 16.04 or later, or any other Linux distribution that supports snap, you should not need to upgrade manually, you’ll automatically receive the new version.

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1 Responses to PyCharm 2019.3.2

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    gabriele_h says:

    February 19, 2020


    First, the Download currently has a version number of 2019.3.3, but I couldn’t find the according blog post in “Release Announcements”.

    Second, I tried installing Pycharm Community Edition via snap and it says that this snap revision is using “classic confinement”. Are there any plans on updating the snap to current standards?

    Thanks in advance,

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