Early Access Program Releases

PyCharm 2020.1 EAP starts now

There are two types of people in the world: those who can wait to open a package they’ve received, and people like me, who need to see what’s inside this very second.

PyCharm isn’t delivered in the mail though, and that’s why we have something even better for impatient people. The early access program (EAP) shows you what’s in the package a couple months before you get it. Take a sneak peek, and get PyCharm’s first EAP now!

New in PyCharm

JetBrains Mono

EAP 1 - JetBrains Mono

We recently announced our font designed especially for programming. This means that we’ve optimized the font for reading vertically, and other optimizations like code-specific ligatures. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the page where we introduce JetBrains Mono, it clearly shows how it makes programming a more enjoyable experience.

From PyCharm 2020.1 onward, this font is chosen as a default in the editor. If you had previously configured another font, be sure to try out JetBrains Mono to see if you like it. You can configure the font in Settings | Editor | Font.

Further Improvements

  • Some Version Control features just got better! On the Branches popup (Find action, Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-A, and then look for ‘Branches’), there’s now a refresh icon that will fetch changes from the git remote and a search box that allows you to quickly find your branch.
  • We’ve updated the ‘Python Debug Server’ run configuration. It used to be called ‘Python Remote Debug’, and we think this name makes clearer what it does. When you run this configuration, PyCharm will listen to an incoming connection from your script. To use it, you need to modify your script, and ensure that the parameters to the `settrace` call are correct: it should be the hostname how the script (from where it’s running) can access the host where the IDE is running, and the appropriate port. You need to ensure yourself that the hostname correctly resolves for the script, and that all firewalls are appropriately configured for the connection to succeed. A common way to punch through firewalls is to use this feature together with SSH remote forwarding. If you want PyCharm to do this for you, a remote interpreter can handle all the details in the background.
  • To see everything that’s new in this release, check out the release notes.


Download this EAP from our website. Alternatively, you can use the JetBrains Toolbox App to stay up to date throughout the entire EAP.

If you’re on Ubuntu 16.04 or later, you can use snap to get PyCharm EAP, and stay up to date. You can find the installation instructions on our website.

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