Webinar: “From The Docs: PyCharm Skills, Beginner to Advanced” with Alla Redko

PyCharm is a comprehensive IDE that also comes with comprehensive help. What’s available and what is it like working on the help? PyCharm’s Alla Redko joins us to discuss how the help gets made. As a bonus, we show 3 help topics — one for beginners, intermediate, and advanced — then demonstrate all the ways to that feature in PyCharm.

  • Thursday, September 17
  • 6:00PM, CEST
  • Aimed at beginner to intermediate Python/PyCharm developers
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Also, we’re putting thought into “onboarding”: how to get new users productive, quickly. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. In particular, what can we do that will actually get used?


Speaking to You

Alla Redko is a technical writer at JetBrains. Alla is responsible for web help for the PyCharm IDE, R plugin, and Big Data Tools plugin. Before that, Alla worked for Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and Azul Systems, where she documented Java technologies including Java SE, Java ME, and Java FX.

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