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Let’s build a fast, modern Python API with FastAPI – additional materials

Last Tuesday (December 15), we hosted an amazing live coding session on FastAPI with Michael Kennedy, host of the popular Talk Python To Me Podcast and author of a collection of Python courses.

FastAPI seems to be a very popular topic. Despite the digital fatigue, intensive competition among online events, and all the holiday shopping, it is one of our most popular webinars of 2020.

Revisit the live coding session by Michael Kennedy and build your own project using the code that Michael used during the session. If you haven’t given us your feedback on the webinar yet, please do so here.

If you are ready to dive deeper into FastAPI, take Michael Kennedy’s new course on FastAPI (or maybe even gift it to a friend!). In just a few hours you will find yourself perfectly capable of creating new APIs running in the cloud with FastAPIs.

Don’t forget to share the video with your colleagues and friends and subscribe to the PyCharm YouTube channel!

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