Webinar: “Onboarding Contributors with Code With Me, GitHub, and Tasks in JetBrains IDEs” with Steve Piercy

Let’s start 2021 with a fun one. How can tools help projects get contributors up to speed? In this webinar, Steve Piercy, a long-time maintainer with a popular open source project, shows us how he uses Code With Me for collaboration, as well as GitHub Pull Request and Tasks tools, to guide a contribution to the project’s documentation.

  • Thursday, January 21
  • 4PM GMT (11AM Eastern, 8AM Pacific)
  • Register here

While this webinar will use PyCharm as the IDE, and will have a little bit of Python, it is intended to be general to all JetBrains IDEs. As such, onboarding a contribution of documentation is the scenario used.

About Steve Piercy

Web application developer. Self-employed, one-person shop. Core contributor to Pylons Project projects, including Pyramid. Maintainer of Deform and DeformDemo, a Python library for generating web forms. Twitter, GitHub, and web.

Steve is a former mathematics teacher and soccer referee. He has been creating websites since 1997 while moonlighting at regular jobs, starting with converting soccer referee organization communications from print to online. In 2008, Steve quit his last regular job to work full-time as an independent contractor. He can be found in Eugene, Oregon, towing his Labrador retriever in his bike trailer to go swimming in the river with his wife.

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