Python Web Conference. Day 1 Recap

Today was the first Python Web Conference day, the tutorial day, with 5 simultaneous presentations. Thanks to the event platform (Loudswarm) and the organizers, we are able to watch recordings almost immediately after the session ended.


I was lucky to see two tutorials, on AWS automation and Python debugging. The Cloud session by David Sol was detailed and easily digestible, and covered a lot of small stuff that you need to keep in mind while automating AWS for the first time. The session on debugging (by Philip Bauer) provoked a vivid discussion on the event’s Slack channel. Here is what people said:

“Heard great things about the Python Debugging tutorial yesterday. I’m planning on catching up with that one soon. A good tutorial on maximizing your editor’s capabilities and debugging should be part of any on-boarding process (even an abbreviated session for seasoned devs, IMHO, as there’s always a trick or two you learn from that sort of thing).”

During the conference giveaways, apart from the traditional stickers, the organizers sent over Costa Rican coffee – a really nice idea!

We prepared some complimentary materials on the topics highlighted in the tutorials, so that if you attended the first day, you can get some extra insights from them, and if you didn’t, you will have some material to digest while waiting for tutorials to be published.

By the way, you can still register for the event with a 15% discount using this promo code: JetBrains15.

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