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Python Web Conference. Day 2 Recap

That was a lot of content! And networking!

The PyData track provided a nice example of a live coding session about Data Lakes and Streams from Justin Garrison, as well as a fascinating talk on Deploying ML solutions with low latency by Aditya Lohia, who covered some nice applications of video analysis.

In the AppDev track there was a talk that provoked a lot of vigorous discussion – “Async, Python, and the Future” by Andrew Godwin. And it was very good for beginners – as one of the attendees commented:
“Good explanation of async. Andrew Godwin (and my wife Audrey) are why I understand async coding as well as I do.”


Please note that we have only covered the sessions we had time to watch. More precise reviews can be found at Paolo Melchiorre’s Twitter account.

There was a nice idea from an audience member about how to start learning coding: by writing Minecraft plugins. It’d be interesting to know how many people learned that way.

Kudos to the organizers, who not only invited the speakers and arranged the talks, but also created a social experience during the evening that gave everyone a chance to visit sponsor booths, do a lightning talk, or just network.

We prepared some complimentary materials on the topics highlighted in the tutorials, so that if you attended the first day, you can get some extra insights from them, and if you didn’t, you will have some material to digest while waiting for tutorials to be published.

  • TypeScript-related content:
    If you are looking for instructions on how to build a React-based application using TypeScript and a TDD approach, here is a series of short step-by-step videos.
  • More material on Async in Python:
    Learn more about async and await keywords with Michael Kennedy in his webinar “Demystifying Python’s Async and Await Keywords”, which can be found here.
    The “learning by doing” rule always works – build a small application that interacts with web APIs using async and await!
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