PyCharm 2021.1 Release Candidate Is Here!

The release candidate for PyCharm 2021.1 is ready for you to spot-check before we roll out the final release.


Note that unlike previous EAP builds, this one requires you to have an active PyCharm license.

Here are the main bug fixes included in the release candidate:

  • Django Model Dependency Diagram is displayed when it is called. PY-39831
  • The “walrus operator” used in “if” and “while” statements now is recognized as a part of an assignment expression. PY-39262
  • Opening a standalone non-project file no longer creates a new project and or opens a file instead. PY-46055, PY-47697
  • The Python Packages tool window now works for packages installed in remote interpreters. PY-47789

For the full list, please read the release notes.

Browse through our series of EAP blog posts to see what PyCharm 2021.1 has in store.

How to download

Download this RC from our website. If you’re on Ubuntu 16.04 or later, you can use snap to get PyCharm EAP and stay up to date.

The PyCharm team

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