PyCharm 2021.2 Release Candidate Is Out

PyCharm’s 2021.2 major release is right around the corner, and the PyCharm team is adding the final touches to the new features and fixing important bugs.

As we approach the end of this release’s early access program, we’d like to thank everyone who participated, tested new PyCharm functionality, and helped us improve the project by submitting bug reports and comments on Twitter. Your contributions make all the difference!

Download PyCharm 2021.2 RC

The latest updates:

  • Python 3.10 – Pattern Matching: patterns in “case” clauses are properly formatted in accordance with PEP 8.
  • Remote development: for remote interpreters, WSL, and Docker, the list of the installed packages is now displayed [PY-49522].
  • typing.Literal: the PyCharm type checker works for Literal strings [PY-48107].
  • Jupyter Notebook: several issues connected to cell execution and actions involving cells have been fixed [PY-49519], [PY-49765], [PY-49520].
  • Jupyter debugger: the debugger now works with IPython version 7.25 [PY-49596].

For the full list of improvements, please read the release notes.
If you encounter any bugs while exploring this release candidate, please submit them to the PyCharm issue tracker.

Next stop – the PyCharm 2021.2 major release! See you there!

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