Webinar “Beginner Concurrency with asyncio” with Jeremy Schulman

Interested in learning async Python using a real-world example? Concurrency can be hard. Getting started with asyncio may feel intimidating if you are starting off by reading the language reference documentation. In this webinar, Jeremy introduces the Python asyncio keywords async/await and how to use asyncio.as_completed to tackle a common network engineering use case of locating an end host on a large network.


  • February 22, 2022
  • 12:00(ET)/18:00(CET)


Speaking to You

Jeremy Schulman is a principal software engineer at Major League Baseball leading network infrastructure automation. His 25+ years of experience spans engineering, sales, and business development roles at various network equipment and software vendors. He has been programming in Python for over 10 years exclusively focused on network automation. Jeremy enjoyed contributing to open-source projects and presenting in community forums.

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