Free course: Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown

We are happy to announce the new Static Sites with Sphinx and Markdown Course, resulting from the partnership between PyCharm (through Paul Everitt) and Talk Python. This is a free course that will teach you how to build better documentation for your libraries, as well as stand-alone static sites, in general, using Markdown and Sphinx.

While Sphinx is usually associated with reStructuredText, the techniques taught in this course show how to make Markdown a first-class citizen. The course is designed for anyone who knows a little Markdown, can execute Python code, and is interested in generating powerful and flexible static websites and documentation.

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Sphinx is an “information-rich” static site generator with rich linking and many other features for creating a knowledge base. In this course you will be introduced to using Sphinx for building websites (through enabling MyST for Markdown) and how it compares to other approaches.

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