PyCharm 2022.1.1 Is Now Available

The first minor update to PyCharm 2022.1 is here.

You can update to this version from inside the IDE, using the Toolbox App, or using snaps if you are an Ubuntu user. You can also download it from our website.

  • PEP 617: The syntax for Python 3.9’s parenthesized context managers is now fully supported. [PY-42200]
  • Using the declarative API in SQLAlchemy versions 1.4 and higher no longer causes Unexpected argument warnings when instantiating ORM models. [PY-49864]
  • PyCharm now recognizes when your 1-liner is a Python stub, and does not add a new line after a colon in the event that it is. [PY-52748]
  • The Change signature refactoring now works correctly for functions that use *kwargs as arguments. [PY-42682]

Take a look at the release notes for the full list of improvements.

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