PyCharm 2022.1.3 Release Candidate Is Available

The release candidate for PyCharm 2022.1.3 is ready for you to spot-check before we roll out the release.

Important! If you have PyCharm 2022.1.2 already installed, you will need to update to PyCharm 2022.1.3 RC manually via the Toolbox App or the website.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Added the ability to auto-select the external diff tool based on the file extension [IDEA-69499].
  • Fixed the issue causing a misleading error message when using $var in calc() function in SCSS files [WEB-54056].
  • Fixed the issue causing an “Unexpected term” error when using a variable in a min() and max() arguments list [WEB-52057].
  • Fixed a regression with the debug console that was truncating outputs [PY-53983].
  • Fixed a regression with .pth files being ignored inside venv site-packages [PY-54321].
  • Fixed the issue with console: now it reads multiple inputs correctly [IDEA-293951].
  • Fixed the issue causing clickable file paths to not work in the VCS tool window [IDEA-292405].
  • ESLint 8.0 works again with YarnPnP [WEB-55858].

If you notice any bugs, please submit them to our issue tracker.

The PyCharm team

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