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As you might already be aware, PyCharm has best-in-class support for the Django web framework. But did you know that you, too, can support Django simply by buying PyCharm in the next 3 weeks?

This year, PyCharm is once again joining the Django Software Foundation (DSF) for their fundraising campaign. It’s our sixth year in a row working with them, and in that time we have raised almost USD 200,000 together!

Until June 20, 2022, purchase a new individual annual PyCharm Professional license for 30% OFF, and the full cost of your purchase will go straight to the DSF’s general fundraising efforts.

With this collaboration, we can help our users be more productive while also supporting the DSF in its efforts to improve the web framework and maintain their various outreach programs, such as Django Girls. There really is no better time to unlock the support for Django available in PyCharm Professional Edition!

Support Django Now

We encourage you to share this information about the campaign with your friends, colleagues, and other fellow developers. Let’s support Django together!

About the campaign

  • It has already started and will last until June 20, 2022.
  • You can purchase a new annual individual license for PyCharm Professional Edition at 30% OFF.
  • The full proceeds of your purchase will be donated to the DSF.

About the DSF

The Django web framework is built and maintained by community members. This might give you the impression that Django is self-sustaining, but the truth is that the organization depends upon strong management and efficient communication. Providing major Django releases every 8 months along with monthly bug fixes is no small task! That’s why the Django Fellowship program exists and why the Django Software Foundation needs support from the community. You can learn more about the DSF’s activities here.

Become more productive with PyCharm and Django

Here are some useful resources we’ve prepared to help you become even more productive when working with Django in PyCharm:

The PyCharm team

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