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Webinar Recording: “Idiomatic Pandas: 5 Tips for Better Pandas”, With Matt Harrison

On Tuesday, June 21, 2022, Matt Harrison joined Jodie Burchell for a webinar about Pandas, and how to be more effective while working with this popular library. Here’s the recording for you to watch if you missed the live stream.


In this webinar Matt Harrison and Jodie Burchell discussed tips for making Pandas more memory-friendly, getting the best performance possible when applying operations to Series and DataFrames, keeping your Pandas code as reproducible and tidy as possible, and how using the right tooling can make working with Pandas easier. They discussed how to deal with trickier topics in data processing such as feature engineering and missing data. Finally, they talked about some user-submitted tips which help get the best out of Pandas.

Speaking to You

Matt Harrison runs MetaSnake, a Python and Data Science consultancy and corporate training shop. In the past, he has worked across the domains of search, build management and testing, business intelligence, and storage. He has presented and taught tutorials at conferences such as Strata, SciPy, SCALE, PyCON, and OSCON, as well as local user conferences. He has written a number of books on Python and Data Science, including Machine Learning Pocket ReferencePandas 1.x CookbookEffective PyCharm, and Effective Pandas. He blogs at

Dr. Jodie Burchell is a Developer Advocate for Data Science at JetBrains and was previously the Lead Data Scientist in audiences generation at Verve Group Europe. After finishing a PhD in psychology and a postdoc in biostatistics, she has worked in a range of data science and machine learning roles across search improvement, recommendation systems, natural language processing, and programmatic advertising. She is also the author of two books, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Ggplot2 and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Plotnine, and blogs at

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