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Jupyter, PyCharm and Pizza

Hi there! Have you tried Jupyter Notebooks integration in PyCharm 2019.2? Not yet? Then let me show you what it looks like! In this blog post, we’re going to explore some data using PyCharm and its Jupyter Notebook integration. First, … Continue reading

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PyCharm Scientific Mode with Code Cells

You can use code cells to divide a Python script into chunks that you can individually execute, maintaining the state between them. This means you can re-run only the part of the script you’re developing right now, without having to … Continue reading

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Analyzing Data in Amazon Redshift with Pandas

Redshift is Amazon Web Services’ data warehousing solution. They’ve extended PostgreSQL to better suit large datasets used for analysis. When you hear about this kind of technology as a Python developer, it just makes sense to then unleash Pandas on … Continue reading

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