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Webinar: Writing REST With Django and Ninja With Christopher Trudeau

Django Ninja is a FastAPI-inspired library for turning your Django views into REST API end-points. This webinar will show you how to get started with Django Ninja, how the interface interacts with Django’s URL and ORM mechanisms, and how to apply authentication controls to your REST API.

Join us on Tuesday, September 27, at 3:00 pm UTC (check other timezones).

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About the speaker

Christopher Trudeau is a consultant who works with teams to improve both their technical capabilities and their software delivery process. He has helped teams boost their performance in a variety of industries including gaming, marketing, travel, finance, government, and consulting.

Christopher is a strong advocate for automation throughout the delivery process and has used a variety of technologies to help deliver on many platforms. His most recent tech stack of choice is Python, Django, and Vue.js. Christopher has published over 40 academic conference papers and white papers, authored multiple patents, and is a guest host of the Real Python Podcast.

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