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The Second EAP Build for PyCharm 2022.3 Is Out!

The second EAP build for PyCharm 2022.3 provides a convenient way to check the outcome of the intention action you are about to use, and features a new way to copy-paste a line without needing to select it first.

The Toolbox App is the easiest way to get the EAP builds and keep your stable and EAP versions up to date. You can also manually download the EAP builds from our website.


Important: PyCharm EAP builds are not fully tested and might be unstable!

Below, you’ll find some of the improvements available in PyCharm 2022.3 EAP 2. Please try them out and share your feedback using our issue tracker or in the comments.

Intention action preview

We’ve added new preview functionality that will explain what happens if you apply the selected action. The preview appears when you open the list of available intention actions and hover over the different options. You can disable the preview feature by pressing F1 / Ctrl+Q while the list of intention actions is open.

Improved copy-cut-paste behavior

We’ve improved the editing experience in the IDE by reworking the paste action (⌘V / Ctrl+V) behavior. Now when you copy (⌘C / Ctrl+C) or cut (⌘X / Ctrl+X) a line without any code selected, the paste action will add the contents of the clipboard to above the current line, not at your caret, as it used to in previous versions.

You can disable this option at any time and use the old behavior exclusively by going to Preferences / Settings | Advanced Settings | Editor and selecting Don’t copy/cut the current line when invoking the Copy or Cut action with no selection and Don’t select the copied line after invoking the Copy action with no selection.


PyCharm provides code insight for Python docstrings to help you keep your documentation consistent. We are improving various aspects of this feature, so we encourage you to give it a try while working with data classes or simply documenting your project.

As of version 2022.2.2, PyCharm recognizes references to class attributes in docstrings. In PyCharm 2022.3 this will also work for inherited class attributes.

We’ve also improved docstring support for type declarations. PyCharm 2022.3 will not only recognize docstrings for type declarations, but it will also show quick documentation for them.

Improved error message when compiling Cython speedups

During development work, it is normal to get error messages from time to time, and being able to understand and resolve them quickly is crucial. To help with this, we are working to make some of the error messages PyCharm provides clearer. One of the messages we’ve improved alerts you to errors when compiling Cython speedups.

The PyCharm debugger is written in Python and is provided with the C-version of its code so you can compile it to make debugging in PyCharm faster.

For macOS and Windows users, we’ve bundled precompiled extensions so you don’t need to do anything. For Linux, though, you need to compile the Cython speedups. During the compilation process, you might encounter a problem caused by the absence of the python-dev package or a C/C++ compiler. If this is the case, PyCharm will now display a more comprehensible error message about it and provide a console command to resolve the issue.

These are the key updates! For the full list of changes, refer to the release notes.

We encourage you to try out the changes introduced in this build and share your feedback with us. If you have any questions or comments, use the comments section below or reach out to us on Twitter. If you find a bug while coding, please report it to our issue tracker

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