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PyCharm 2023.1: Early Access Program Is Open!

We are opening the Early Access Program for PyCharm 2023.1! We invite you to take part and help us fine-tune the features we plan to include in PyCharm 2023.1.

If you haven’t yet participated in one of our Early Access Programs, here’s a blog post explaining the key concepts and benefits. Check it out and join us in building a great IDE!

The first PyCharm 2023.1 EAP build includes a number of refinements to the IDE’s UI, an enhanced user experience for working with Markdown files, VCS improvements, and more. You can download it from our website, get it from the free Toolbox App, or update to it using snaps if you’re an Ubuntu user.

Python 3.12

You can start experimenting with new Python 3.12 features in PyCharm – it has been added to the list of supported Python versions in PyCharm. This is a contribution from one of our active users, Morgan Bartholomew (KotlinIsland). Thanks for that!

User experience

Full IDE zoom

It’s now possible to zoom into and out of PyCharm entirely, increasing or decreasing the size of all UI elements at once. From the main menu, select View | Appearance and adjust the IDE’s scaling.

Additionally, you can make it easier to call these actions by assigning them custom shortcuts in Settings/Preferences | Keymap | Main Menu | View | Appearance.

New Remember size for each tool window setting

We’ve introduced a new layout option that allows you to unify the width of the side tool windows or retain the ability to freely adjust their sizes as you customize your layout. The new Remember size for each tool window checkbox is available in Settings/Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance | Tool Windows.

In the new UI, the setting is switched off by default, meaning that the tool windows are displayed featuring the unified width and their sizes remain constant when you switch between them. In the old UI, the option is switched on, so the tool windows have different widths, though you can choose to align them at any time simply by turning the setting off.

Visible file name pane when tabs are hidden in the new UI

We’ve fine-tuned the user experience of the new UI by adding a pane that displays the name of the file that is currently open when editor tabs are hidden.


New intention action for reformatting tables in Markdown files

A new intention action allows you to correct the formatting of tables in Markdown files. You can access the quick-fix via the Context actions shortcut (⌥⏎ / Alt+Enter) or by pressing the yellow bulb icon and selecting Reformat code from the list that appears.

Fill Paragraph for Markdown files

The Fill Paragraph editor action is now supported for Markdown files, allowing you to break long texts into several lines of even length. To do this, set the caret inside the paragraph you want to edit and call the action from the Edit menu or search for the Fill Paragraph command using Find Action (⇧⌘A / Ctrl+Shift+A) and execute it.

New Smart Keys settings page for Markdown

We’ve added a dedicated page for configuring and editing your Markdown preferences in Settings/Preferences | Editor | General | Smart Keys. This page should make it easier to manage your preferences, as it provides separate checkboxes for various editor features, replacing the single checkbox previously stored in Settings/Preferences | Languages & Frameworks.

Version Control Systems

VCS status color hints in the Structure tool window

To make tracking changes to files more convenient, we’ve added color hints to the Structure tool window. The names of modified objects will now become blue, and the names of the newly added objects will appear in the tool window highlighted in green.

Run / Debug

Option to assign a custom shortcut to run the current file with coverage

The first PyCharm 2023.1 EAP build allows you to create a shortcut to launch the Run with coverage action for the file you currently have open, even if the run configuration hasn’t been created yet. To assign such a shortcut, go to Settings/Preferences | Keymap, look for the Run with Coverage context configuration option, and add a new key combination for it.

Notable fixes

Here is the list of the fixes in the first EAP build:

  • We fixed an issue causing an error while setting up a Docker compose interpreter for a Django project using the Django console. [PY-55337]
  • PyCharm now recognizes modules that are included into PYTHONPATH as subdirectories. [PY-56011]
  • PyCharm now offers code completion for TypedDict keys in double quotes. [PY-42637]
  • The debugger interface in the new PyCharm UI displays the Step Into My Code action as it does in the old UI. [PY-50462

These are the most important updates for PyCharm 2023.1 EAP 1. For the full list of improvements, check out the release notes. Share your feedback on the new features in the comments, on Twitter, or in our issue tracker.

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