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Webinar: “Reloadium: Faster Python Development with Hot Reloading in PyCharm”

You write your code, restart your server, and wait for the screen to update, but by then, you’re already interrupted. Ever wish you could use the fast development cycle frontends have with hot reloading?

In this webinar we’ll meet Reloadium, a Python take on the powerful-but-challenging hot module reloading from JavaScript. Reloadium’s PyCharm plugin offers a fresh developer experience, and you’ll see it in action for basic Python, data science, and Django development. It provides support for running, debugging, and profiling workflows.

Hot reloading is a topic tackled by several Python projects over the years. It seems simple: some code changes, you detect the change, load the code, and update the interpreter state. But in Python, there are so many issues that can get introduced, including framework-specific cases. Reloadium had been hard at work on this for over a year before broad availability.

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Join us on Friday, January 27, at 3:00 pm UTC.

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About the speaker

Sajan Thapa is a Business Psychologist with experience in evidence-based practices relating to management consultancy, business development, and customer relations. He has been working closely with the inventor of Reloadium, Damian Krystkiewicz, in improving its offerings for Python programmers. Sajan plays a crucial role in identifying user needs and helping enhance Reloadium’s features to bridge these gaps.

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