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Django Learning Resources

Are you new to Django development? Are you already familiar with it and want to expand your knowledge? PyCharm has Django learning resources for everyone. 

In this article, you’ll find a compilation of all the Django-related resources created by the experts at PyCharm to help you navigate through them all. From creating a new Django Python project in PyCharm to using different APIs and Frameworks, you’ll find a wealth of valuable information here. 

Let’s start with the PyCharm guide first.  

PyCharm Guide:

We have an in-depth tutorial on the PyCharm Guide named, ‘Developing Django Application using AWS,’ that starts from the basics of Django to helping you create your very first Django application.

Here’s a breakdown of the tutorial:

1. Introduction

In this chapter, you’ll be introduced to Django – what it is, when, and how it was created. You will also learn about other popular Python frameworks like FastAPI, Pyramid, and Flask.

2. Creating a new Django Project in PyCharm

Here you will learn how to create a new Django project in PyCharm. This chapter comes with a detailed step-by-step guide in both video and image formats so you can easily follow the instructions to create a Django project!

3. Setup AWS RDS in PyCharm 

In this chapter, we’ll walk you through the process of connecting Postgres with a Django application using PyCharm. This tutorial comes in video or image-supported text formats. 

4. Developing Django Applications using AWS

In this guide, we’ll explore the process of developing a Python Django application using AWS in PyCharm. You’ll find all of the resources developed by PyCharm in this guide, from an introduction to creating Django applications using AWS to how to properly test them.

5. Implementing Rest APIs

In this Django tutorial, we’ll explore the powerful combination of Django and DRF, enabling you to create robust and scalable APIs effortlessly. From setting up your development environment to implementing endpoints and handling authentication, you’ll learn it all. 

6. Secure REST APIs with JWT 

In this chapter, we’ll explore how to enhance the security of your Django REST APIs using JSON Web Tokens (JWT). 

7. Unit Tests in Django 

From installing a package to executing a test, you’ll learn all about how to create your first test in Django. You’ll find a detailed video tutorial as well as a step-by-step breakdown with images to help you easily follow the Django tutorial. 

8. Exploring Django with Docker

Discover how to leverage Docker’s flexibility and Django’s robust features to build scalable and portable web applications in PyCharm. There is a video tutorial as well as a detailed breakdown of instructions. 

Other tutorials in our PyCharm guide include:

1. Autocomplete Django Settings Strings 

This short video demonstrates PyCharm’s autocomplete capabilities for Django Python code.

2. Creating CRUD APIs (TODO App)

In this tutorial, we’ll explore the process of building robust CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) APIs using Django Rest Framework. From initializing to debugging your API, you’ll learn it all. 

3. Build Django Apps on Google Cloud With PyCharm and Cloud Code

In this tutorial, you will discover how to leverage PyCharm and Google Cloud’s Cloud Code extension to streamline your development workflow and deploy your Django apps with ease. 

PyCharm YouTube: 

1. Django Support in PyCharm with Ilya and Alexei

In this video, you’ll get to know why PyCharm is the ideal IDE for Django development and how you can benefit from it. Learn all about Django support in PyCharm, including code insight, navigation between views and models, built-in manage.py utility, from the PyCharm team itself!

2. Writing REST With Django and Ninja

In this Django tutorial, we’ll explore the powerful combination of Django and Ninja frameworks for building RESTful APIs. Discover how these tools can simplify your development process and enhance the functionality of your applications.

3. Database Performance Tips with Django

In this tutorial, we’ll explore database performance tips with Django with Andrew Brookins. Learn how to optimize queries, leverage caching techniques, fine-tune database settings, and more.

4. Django-in-PyCharm Tips: Reloaded

Here we provide you with more valuable tips to maximize your productivity and efficiency while working with Django in PyCharm. From configuring the Django project settings to utilizing powerful PyCharm features to make Django development a breeze, we’ve got you covered.

5. Faster Django Coding with Live Templates

In this quick tutorial, you’ll find out how to write code fast by using live templates and skipping boilerplate code. This way you can increase your productivity, reduce errors, and stay consistent.

6. Django Templates in 3 Minutes: A Quick Guide to Template Creation

Learn how to create a Django template in PyCharm with this quick and easy to follow tutorial.

7. Django-in-PyCharm Tips: Reloaded

Looking for a single place where you can find all the tips for Django in PyCharm? This is it! Learn from the best about what PyCharm can do for you when it comes to Django development and code like a pro in no time.

PyCharm Blog:

1. How To Learn Django: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Are you struggling to learn Django? Or maybe you want to add Django to your technology stack but don’t know where to start. This blog dives into all the details on how to learn Django, from the prerequisites to helpful resources, you’l find everything you need here.

2. What is the Django Web Framework?

This is another great introductory article if you’re just starting out in Django. This blog post takes you to the very basics of what is Django, its origin, features, and anything else you would possibly want to know in order to get familiar with Django.

3. Create a Django App in PyCharm

In this detailed Django tutorial, you’ll find out everything you need to know before creating a Django app in PyCharm. From prerequisites to setup to building a sample application, you’ll learn all the basics including writing models and views, connecting to the database, and making API calls.

4. How to use Materialized Views in Django 

In this Django tutorial, you’ll learn how to create, recreate, and query Materialized Views within your Django application, enabling you to optimize performance and streamline your data processing workflows. 

5. Building APIs With Django REST Framework

In this Django REST framework tutorial, you will learn how to create a rental platform API. The tutorial demonstrates how to use Python and Django REST framework in PyCharm to develop APIs. By the time you’re done with the tutorial, you’ll be equipped with how to write and test your APIs.

6. How to Connect Django With MongoDB

If you’re someone who regularly uses databases with Django, then you know then connecting Django with MongoDB is not as simple as it looks. This in-depth article will guide you from the very beginning- From informing about the prerequisites to step-by-step tutorial complete with images, you’ll have all the tools in your arsenal to connect Django with MongoDB.

7. Django vs FastAPI: Which is the Best Python Web Framework?

This article explores the strengths and weaknesses of Django and FastAPI, two of the most popular Python web frameworks, to determine which is better suited for different project requirements. You’ll also find out how to install them, and how PyCharm supports each framework.

8. Django vs Flask: Which is the Best Python Web Framework?

Confused between Django and Flask? This blog give you an in-depth view of how each framework differs from each other in different aspect like architecture, learning curve, testing, databases, and so much more. After you’re done reading the articles, you’ll know the key differences between Django and Flask, as well as which one to choose for your next project.

So there you have it, all Django learning resources by PyCharm in one place. Check out our blog post, “How To Learn Django: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners”, for more actionable insights!

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