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Qodana Self-Hosted Is Out – Get 40% OFF This Static Code Analysis Team Tool

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Most developers use IDEs and code editors for local code quality analysis, but only 33% of developers use external static code analysis tools for every CI pipeline commit. Another 33% occasionally use automated analysis technology.

As reported by our customers, the low adoption of static code analysis tools among developers poses a problem for companies, leading to risks in product quality. Server-side analysis results are either ignored or, at best, begrudgingly tolerated. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Too many false positives
  • Conflicts with IDE inspections 
  • Misaligned code quality guidelines
  • Convoluted setup
  • Inability to quickly fix issues
  • Outdated UI

All these factors contribute to a suboptimal developer experience.

With Qodana, we are on a mission to create an exceptional experience for development teams, making the entire journey – from setup to result analysis and fixes – easier and more enjoyable, increasing the adoption of server-side analysis. 

Since launching the cloud version of Qodana last summer, we kept receiving requests for a self-hosted version. 

Following successful Beta tests with some of our clients, we’re now launching the first release of Qodana Self-Hosted, allowing you to manage, maintain, and upgrade Qodana entirely on your end.

Better yet, if you request a demo by August 31 and decide to purchase, you’ll get 40% OFF Qodana for a year!

Request a Qodana demo – get 40% OFF

Issues overview

Why choose Qodana Self-Hosted over the cloud version?

Qodana is a code quality platform fully based on the static code analysis engine of JetBrains IDEs. It supports native integration with our IDEs and VS Code, allows you to build quality gates in any CI environment, and helps easily enforce coding standards enterprise-wide.

With the self-hosted version, you’ll get complete control over your analysis reports, user accounts, and other sensitive data, as well as Qodana maintenance and upgrades. Namely:

Protection of proprietary information

Your code never leaves your infrastructure, so if you are required to keep your project’s code isolated, Qodana Self-Hosted is the way to go. 

Mitigation of compliance risks

For organizations in industries with strict regulatory requirements, a self-hosted solution can offer the necessary control over data storage and processing to comply with regulations, including national data sovereignty laws.

Better performance

A self-hosted solution can be optimized for the specific performance needs of your organization, potentially offering better performance than a shared cloud environment.

How is Qodana Self-Hosted distributed and priced?

In the initial release, we offer hosting on your own Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

Pricing starts at $40 per developer per month, with a minimum of 10 developers. Volume discounts are also available. For more information, please contact us through the demo request form.

Request a Qodana demo – get 40% OFF

Feature parity with Qodana Ultimate Plus

Qodana Self-Hosted provides a complete suite of features that make static code analysis enjoyable for developers and effective for organizations of any size. We suggest getting full feature parity with our most advanced cloud plan, Qodana Ultimate Plus.

Issues overview
Qodana provides reports with a signature sunburst diagram for clear visualization of code quality. You can view insights at both the project and organizational levels. More advanced dashboarding features are currently being developed.

IDE integrations
Qodana is bundled with JetBrains IDEs out of the box and also offers integration with VS Code. You can open analysis results and fix issues in your preferred IDE, as well as set up Qodana and connect to the CI system right in JetBrains IDEs.

IDE Integration

CI/CD integrations
Unlike other tools on the market, Qodana is fully CI-agnostic. You can build quality gates and minimize the need for manual intervention when maintaining the highest code quality standards. 

Qodana can automatically create a pull request with the quick-fixes applied, so you can easily and conveniently review and accept them.

License audits
Thanks to Qodana’s comprehensive license audits, you can identify licenses that are incompatible with your project and access the results from a sleek interface. It can also automate license analysis by adding a related step or quality gate to your CI/CD pipeline.

Put less critical (or all detected) issues to the baseline to stop receiving notifications about them. This way, you can focus on the issues that matter most to you and your team.

With Qodana’s FlexInspect, you can create custom code inspections for any rule you want to enforce in your code or repository. You can then run these inspections against your project in IntelliJ IDEA or by using Qodana in your CI/CD pipeline.

Vulnerability checker
Qodana identifies critical security vulnerabilities in your codebase. You can also customize the quality gate to fail when vulnerabilities arise. 

Take Qodana Self-Hosted for a test drive

With Qodana Self-Hosted, we aim for a tailored approach. Request a demo and one of our engineers will reach out to you and help set it up for your infrastructure. Please be ready to use your AWS account or set up a new one if needed.

Request a Qodana demo – get 40% OFF

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