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What’s New in ReSharper C++ 2016.1

Apart from the change in version numbers, ReSharper C++ comes with plenty of new features as well as improvements to existing functionality. Here’s what we’ve got in store for you with this release. Boost.Test Support The previous release of ReSharper … Continue reading

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Living with Microsoft C++ Compiler Bugs and Ambiguities

It’s no secret that the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler has lots of non-standard behaviors. What’s even more unfortunate is that those behaviors are subsequently used by different libraries. Ultimately, for a tool vendor there’s no option in not supporting all … Continue reading

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Unit Testing C++ with Google Test

Unit testing C++ applications is not exactly easy. Without any embeddable metadata, the actual process of running a unit test has to be defined explicitly in code. Luckily, frameworks such as Google Test provide comprehensive support for this. Let’s take … Continue reading

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