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What’s mining: Ruby Gems Manager

We’ve heard people complaining about RubyMine indexing all the gems available in the Ruby SDK upon project opening. Yes, it does take time if you have loads of gems installed.

Of course we’re not going to ignore the people’s voice and we are now almost ready to release a solution for this problem, and for other tasks, — a Ruby Gem Manager.

Couple of concepts… There are all gems available in the selected Ruby SDK and then there are ‘active’ gems assigned to the project. Only active gems are indexed.

Here’s some intelligence the Gem Manager has:

  1. On project open, RubyMine autodetects the required gems and activates them for the project, including the dependent gems.
  2. If you add a gem manually, the required gems are added automatically (this is optional).
  3. The latest applicable gem versions are activated. You can always activate older versions manually.

This is just a start. We have some other ideas to implement in the manager. If you have any, too, please share with us and the world.

The new EAP build is coming in a day or two. Meanwhile, two screenshots to please your eyes:

image description