What’s mining: run Rake tasks quickly

Posted on by Eugene Toporov

This one is really hot, not even available to our QA yet. We are adding the feature to quickly execute Rake tasks.

Once activated, a field appears allowing to enter the name of a task to execute. The search mechanism is smart enough to find just what is needed by short names and also allows using the * wildcard.

We are now finding a best place for the action in the menu and choosing the right shortcuts.

Additionally, when a needed task is selected you can execute it with simple Enter key press or, by using the Alt+Enter, invoke Rake task options dialog first, if additional arguments needed.

The feature should be available in the next EAP build to play with. Stay tuned!

Update: the action goes to Run menu: Tools | Run Rake Task…. It also will be available by Alt+Shift+R / &#x2325R shortcuts.


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