What’s mining: surround selected text

One small but handy thing that you’ve been asking for is the ability to quickly surround the selected text with quotes, single quotes, parentheses, etc. with a single key.

We just did it for quotes! And will also add parentheses before the next EAP build, later this week. More will come later.

Apart from that it should be mentioned that RubyMine has nice “Surround With” feature that allows surrounding pieces of code with other, more complex constructs. Try it: Ctrl+Alt+T / ⌥⌘T

We are listening carefully. So, if you want something, let us know. Here is how you can do it.

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8 Responses to What’s mining: surround selected text

  1. Kenton says:

    Web and Java developers want this too!

    For Java I would like surround with quotes, for the web I’d like apostrophes and quotes (would be invaluable in Javascript and markup based languages like Coldfusion/Flex).

    I tried the latest Maia EAP and did not see this feature.

  2. The surround with feature is great. I’d like to add my own cases for that. How can I do that?

    The concrete example is that I’m often finding myself refactoring rspecs and would like to surround code blocks with describe do … end



  3. Jason says:

    Just a bit of clarification for other RubyMine newbies like myself: In order to surround selected text with quotes you’ll first select the text, then press Ctrl+Alt+T / ⌥⌘T. In the window that appears, choose the ellipsis option (number 1), and then press the double or single quotes key.

  4. Mark Holtzhausen says:

    This is better, but still sucks. I would expect selecting text and then typing a single quote would wrap the selection in a single quote. Or a double quote if that is what you typed, or curly braces, square braces, angle brackets and round brackets..

    Am I the only one that thinks when you select text and type any character that comes in pairs and can surround text, should then surround the text?

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