RubyMine 1.0.5—first step further

It’s only 2 weeks since RubyMine 1.0 was released one of which we spent at RailsConf, but here is the first update to RubyMine and it is not just to patch some holes—there are also new features in this version.

See the complete Release Notes in our wiki, and here is an extract of what’s new:

  • Initial support for Rails 2.3
  • Initial Cucumber testing framework support: syntax highlighting for .feature files. 
  • RSpec Drb support
  • Experimental support for Ruby remote debug
  • Some improvements to the editor such as column mode selection with mouse+Alt/Option key (requested by TextMate users)
  • More code autocompletion
  • and of course some bugfixes

The next update, RubyMine 1.1, is planned before the end of May. Stay tuned!

-JetBrains RubyMine Team

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