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RubyMine 2017.1.3 RC: Rails 5.1 Support

Hi there, RubyMine 2017.1.3 RC (build 171.4424.48) is out now featuring support for Rails 5.1.0. EDIT (May 23, 2017): RubyMine 2017.1.3 is now stable. Download this version from our website.  As jQuery is no longer required by default, you can … Continue reading

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Webinar Recording: React.js from a Rails Developer’s Perspective

Hello everyone, Today we have a useful and inspiring video for you: the recording of our most recent webinar, now available on YouTube JetBrainsTV channel. Marcin Grzywaczewski, one of the authors of Rails meets React.js book, makes an introduction to React for Rails developers. … Continue reading

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Interview with Marcin Grzywaczewski and Robert Pankowecki

Hello everyone, Development is not only about your code, development is also about the bright people you meet along the way. Today, just before the upcoming webinar React.js from a Rails Developer’s Perspective, we want to share an interview with Marcin … Continue reading

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Live Webinar: React.js from a Rails Developer’s Perspective

Hello everyone, With the new Rails API coming with Rails 5, it is now even more natural to use Rails as a backend and JavaScript as a frontend for your apps. And when it comes to JavaScript, React seems to be one … Continue reading

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What’s Mining: Rails 5 Support

Hello everyone, When we published the post about Ruby timeline and history, we asked all of you about the Ruby and Rails future. And the future seems to have already arrived with Rails 5 RC being around the corner. We have been focusing on … Continue reading

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RubyMine Ichii Early Access is Open

Hello everyone, Less then two months have passed since RubyMine 5 was released. Hopefully you have tried it and hopefully you like it. But the life goes on and we don’t want to lag behind, so we’ve decided to make … Continue reading

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Welcome RubyMine 4.5 Beta!

Hello everyone, Summer is coming to its mid and the RubyMine release is on the threshold now. We’re glad to let you know that RubyMine 4.5 Beta is available for download. We’re very close to the moment of features freeze, but we still … Continue reading

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Next RubyMine Nire EAP: Rails Engines and Mongoid Support

Hello everyone, I’m glad to announce the next RubyMine Nire EAP build (118.614) is ready to try out. We have some new cool features I want to tell you about. Rails Engines Support Many of you might like and use … Continue reading

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RubyMine 4 Beta Update: Rails 3.2 Support and Other Improvements

Hello everyone, The closer to release date, the more excitement we feel. And it is approaching day by day! In the meantime we are basically focused on cleaning and polishing. Still there are some new features we want to share with you. So please … Continue reading

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Plugin highlight: “Injector” brings single-key Ruby injections into ERB

If you use ERB for your Rails views, you should like this one. It may not be a problem for you but I always stumble when typing <% %>, let alone <%# %>. Non-letter keys and you have to press … Continue reading

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