RubyMine 1.1.1 with Subversion 1.6 support

If you’ve been reading this blog, you surely know that we are actively working on many new features. We write about them in our ‘What’s mining’ posts. It is much more fun to develop new features, but we also care about fixing our old ones. So, here is RubyMine 1.1.1 which is a maintenance release with some fixes and minor additions.

Read the list of selected changes in RubyMine 1.1.1 below and download the update.

IDE General

All RubyMine’s version control integration features now work with Subversion 1.6.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved ‘Unresolved Ruby reference’, ‘Unreachable code’ and other Ruby/Rails inspections
  • Fixed some problems in ‘Extract Method’ and ‘Rename’ refactorings
  • Resolved some code completion issues and general code editor issues
  • Fixed exceptions in Gem manager
  • Fixed ‘Go To Test/Subject’ navigation for HAML views
  • Pressing # key converts selected ruby expression to “#{SELECTED_EXPRESSION}”
  • Fixed JRuby debug problem with ‘Step over’
  • ‘Tools | Rake Tasks’ no longer shows undocumented tasks. For undocumented tasks use ‘Tools | Run Rake Task’

Minor Additions

  • Added “Symbol to String” intention action
  • Eigenclasses are shown in Structure view
  • Argument completion and validation for helper_method
  • Added RSpec and Cucumber live templates/snippets ported from TextMate bundles

See the complete list of 70+ changes in our issue tracker.

Download RubyMine 1.1.1

Additionally, we have added patching ability to RubyMine. You’ll be able to install next update much easier.

-JetBrains RubyMine Team

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