Cool things are meant to be shared!

I can see that there are quite many of you already: those who use RubyMine and those who read this blog. Numbers can not lie. And there are always people who like customizing the tools they use. Fortunately, RubyMine provides a good number or options for this.

It is always a pleasure and fun for us to see what you do with our product to make it feel better for you. And we are also confident that these things should be shared amongst others and we are ready to help with this where possible.

So, recently we started collecting some cool RubyMine-related stuff people share on the Net: nice color-schemes, file templates, etc.

If you’ve made something you are ready to share, let us know and we’ll get it posted or even added to the default RubyMine distribution, with your permission, of course.

Read the hints on how you can share and install the shared customizations.

So, let’s start sharing!

Posted by Eugene Toporov, Marketing Manager

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