What’s mining: Ruby 1.9 support

Hello folks, we are glad to announce that current development builds of RubyMine 1.5 support Ruby 1.9!

Of course you can use Ruby 1.9 as interpreter in RubyMine 1.1 and earlier versions but now RubyMine offers you brand new quality of understanding Ruby 1.9 code: new convenient lambda syntax, improved local variables semantics, new method parameters declarations and much more.

Here we have some screenshots for you:

  • You can choose Ruby language level for your project

  • RubyMine supports new lambda syntax, local variables semantics and much more.

As we have already mentioned this functionality will be available in RubyMine 1.5 Early Access Preview coming soon.

Stay in touch!

– Jetbrains RubyMine Team

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8 Responses to What’s mining: Ruby 1.9 support

  1. GeekyCoder says:

    Is the functionality of RubyMine available in Intellij 8 ? Although it is a spinoff from code of intellij 8, it appear that RubyMine takes a new life of its own which is a good thing.

  2. Oleg Shpynov says:

    Ruby 1.9 support is not available in IntelliJ IDEA 8.x and RubyMine 1.1, this feature will be available in plugin for IDEA 9 EAPs.

  3. Stefan says:

    awesome guys. waited for this, thanks!

  4. Will unit tests works? Rubymine runs autorunner.rb and it’s not found in 1.9.

  5. Oleg Shpynov says:

    Of course they will :)

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