Did you know? Searching for help…

Hello everyone,

If you are a newbie to RubyMine it is quite essential that you can feel a little bit lost in tons of its features. RubyMine ships built-in help to help you. Just go to Help | Help topic

It is the main screen:

Here you can take a short trip in all the features of RubyMine.
One can ask: and what about feature X? Of course it has search capabilities – just select the tab with magnifier on it and here it is.

In the following screenshot I’ve decided to look for Rails console functionality:

Also we provide RubyMine’s help on web, just visit http://www.jetbrains.com/ruby/webhelp

To boost your productivity with RubyMine we recommend you to take a look at Help | Tip of the Day and Help | Productivity Guide sections.

-JetBrains RubyMine team

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