RubyMine 1.5 allows more lightweight UI

Have you ever wanted to see more code and less UI in RubyMine? With the latest RubyMine 1.5 EAP build you can make RubyMine UI more lightweight.

RubyMine has always allowed hiding almost any UI element. But one thing you probably would not want to do is turning off the toolbar. Of course you can turn it off but you’d loose the ability to select a Run/Debug configuration.

The latest RubyMine EAP build lets you select and start Run/Debug configurations without using the toolbar.

So, here is what you do:

  1. Open ‘View’ menu and uncheck the ‘Toolbar’ option to hide the toolbar (optional step)
  2. Remember the shortcut for opening the new popup ⌃⌘F8/Alt+Shift+F10 (⌘⇧R for TextMate keymap)

You will see a popup that lists all configurations and allows you to:

  • Choose a configuration and Run it — simply press Enter
  • Choose a configuration and Debug it — press Shift+Enter
  • Start typing to filter the configurations
  • Edit all configurations or a particular one in the usual screen.

Looks like an excellent time and screen space saver! Which is quite a big deal for our wide-screen monitors, right?

Download RubyMine 1.5 EAP and let us know your opinion on this and other new features.

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